What to re-manufacture next?

We are always developing new products, in the past several months we have developed lots of new items, such as the 03G131512AD, 070131512F, 03G131512AL, 03L131512L etc. However, we are not going to stop right here. We are going to re-manufacture more items. I know some of you like to call that as copy, or re-production.

Currently, I have a list of new products we may want to develop in the next a few months. I am much willing to share their OEM numbers as follows:

VAG 03L131512AR, PSA 31358502, Ford BG9Q9Y456AC, VW 03L131512CB, PSA 9678163380, VAG 03L131512AQ, VAG 03L131512BQ, SEAT 059131511AK, AUDI 059131511AK, AUDI 03G131512S, SEAT 03G131512AA, AUDI 059131511BP, VW 059131511BP, PSA 1618NQ, Renault 147106293R, AUDI 059131511BQ, SEAT 059131511BQ, AUDI 059131511AJ, SEAT 059131511BQ, AUDI 059131511AJ, SKODA 059131511AJ, AUDI 059131511AS, VW 059131511AS, AUDI 059131511BM, SEAT 059131511BM, AUDI 059131511AM, SEAT 059131511AM, AUDI 059131512AQ, SEAT 059131512AQ, CITROEN 161835, FORD 1233381, FIAT 55249454, VAG 038131513S, FIAT 5525569, LANCIA 552630300, Hyundai/Kia 284152A720, CITROEN 1628KC, PEUGEOT 1628KC, PSA 9678257280, Suzuki 1471010993R, Nissan 147355X00A,FIAT 46810017, FIAT 55181418, KIA 28420-2A770, Hyundai 28420-2A770.

I have to admit that this is a long list. However, I publish this list here, so you people could take a look at what we are planning to do next. If you have any idea on the list, for example, you need SEAT 059131512AQ EGR cooler, and you have a good quantity. You can send us your email, and we can develop this item for you.

You can send email to us @ [email protected] We look forward to receiving from you soon.


Our EGR ebay store online

After several days of hard working, we have finished our Ebay store. Most like we do wholesale business only, however, our management think that if we are able sell our EGR and EGR cooler online, we are able to make our customers happy.

Then we think that we should some websites, which allow us to publish our products. We have tried several websites, such as aliexpress, Amazon, ebay. And we found that ebay is very easy to handle. So we registered an account on ebay, and we published some products. And several days ago we find that we have sold one EGR.

We are very new to ebay and online business, with ebay we are not going to sale in bulk, every time customer may only require one or two units. If you have visited our website, you might be able to understand that we are very professional manufacturer. In fact, we are supplying EGR coolers and valves to some stores on ebay. So, if you understand that we are professional factory, and we do not have any good quantity, you can visit our ebay store, and place orders there.

Our ebay store address:http://my.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?MyEbay&gbh=1&CurrentPage=MyeBayAllSelling&ssPageName=STRK:ME:LNLK:MESX

EGR COOLER 03G131512AL, 03G131512AL, 03G131512AK, 03G131512AJ

Recently, we have developed a new EGR cooler with an OEM number 03G131512AL. This item owns a cooler along with a valve. The valve control flow rate, whenever EGR function is needed, the valve start to work, and let exhaust gas through the unit while gas temperature will be cooled.


One of our customers provided an OE sample of 03G131512AL to us, and our engineer disassembled the item, and we learned a lot of knowledage from this product, we did spectrum analysis on each part. And we noticed that the whole product is made of 316L stainless steel, while some of key parts of valve are made of special material.

Our engineers made new drawings by scanning each part, and developed moulds for each part. And then they checked every part carefully, before assemble the whole unit. Once the unit is finished, our engineers did lots of testing on the product. The result shows that our remanufactured item is as good as OE’s product. Currently, we have received lots of orders for 03G131512AL. And we believe that more customer would like to try our EGR COOLER 03G131512AL since we are continuously marketing this item through different channels.

For anyone who wish to buy some EGR cooler 03G131512AL, please feel free to contact us, our email address is [email protected]

Aftermarket replacement for EGR COOLER 1872759C1 1876262C91 4307362R91 7090545C91

Today, we are going to talk about another EGR cooler, an international egr cooler with OEM numbers: 1872759C1, 1876262C91, 1876262C92, 1876262C93, 1876262C94, 1876262C95, 1876262C96, 1876262C97, 1876445C94, 4307362R91, 7090545C91. We have remanufactured this item, some people like to say ‘copy’. We have moulds and toolings to manufacture the cooler along with different gaskets and rings.

Image of EGR COOLER 1872759C1

This item fits international trucks, years from 2008 to 2010. The inlet inside diameter is 1.85 inch, and outlet inside diameter is 1.65 inch. overall dimensions are 7.5 inch * 15.5 inch * 3.88 inch width. The whole unit is well packed for air and sea transportation.

This item is quoted online @ ebay, amazon, price is around US$650.00 for aftermarket. However, as a manufacturer, we are able to offering much better prices. Whether you want to buy one unit or in bulks. You can send us an email for the best quotation. Further more, we are building our online store, when it is finished, you can also book the item online.


We have finished developing of another genuine vw volkswagen EGR cooler, oem numbers: 03G131512G, 03G131512AD, 03G131512AA. We have all the moulds and toolings for remanufacturing this item, we made some samples and did all tests, and the product passed the tests. All in all, the GENUINE VW VOLKSWAGEN EGR COOLER, code number 03G131512G, 03G131512AD, 03G131512AA is ready for the market. If any of you wish to buy this item, you may buy it from our online store, for customers who have large scale quantity, please send us inquiry to [email protected]

Another EGR cooler and valve combination (03G131512G) is coming

Hello everybody, today I am very pleased to inform you people a great message. That is about a new EGR cooler and valve combination. We are currently developing a new EGR system for VW, some of you like to use the word – remanufacturing, we do not have any problem about it. The new item is going to own a cooler and a valve and it has an OEM number as 03G131512G. If you have no idea about the 03G131512G egr cooler and valve, I would like suggest you to Google 03G131512G, and you will find lots of information about the 03G131512G EGR system.

On the other hand, I just have a picture of this item from one of our engineers. And I am much willing to show it to you people as follows.

This is a very simple looking of the unit. We will send more detailed information about the item as we finished the remanufacturing. We are going to use vacuum brazing technology to manufacture the product. And I think the finished products will be very good looking. I just need say that I can not help waiting for the upcoming 03G131512G EGR cooler and valve. Our engineers say that the will finish the products very soon, and I think it will be available to hit the market in weeks. And I will upload this product to our website in days. For customers and friends who wish to book some of this item, or want to know more about this item. Please feel free to contact us, our email address is [email protected]

Another Batch EGR Coolers and valves is ready for UK market

We are going to finish another batch of EGR coolers and valves for one of our UK customers. It takes a long time for us to finish the goods. We started to prepare the accessories in January, then we had the Chinese new year holiday.

And we started production about weeks ago in February. The item is slightly complicated, we have to make the cooler and valve. When we want to do the cooler.We need to make the shell, and the air/water pipes, and put them together with glue, then we do the welding. Anything wrong could damage the cooler, and we have to throw any damaged coolers. Because we care about quality very much.

We also need to make the valves, and then we have to put the valve and cooler together, and we will get the products. We will do leakage testing for the product and clean the product before package.

EGR Production Restarted After the Holiday

We just finished our Chinese new year, and started our work early this week. Although we do not have all the workers on duty at this moment, we have restarted production line. We will try our best to finish the orders we received before the holiday. And delivery service and products as promised. Further more, we will develop more models for the market, and I believe that in 2017, we will be more stronger. For any customers and friends, who want to work together with us, please feel free to send us inquiries.

SAIC UK Gasonline EGR Coolers

Today I received a failed egr cooler from SAIC UK. It is a gas engine egr cooler, and it is a failed cooler. There are leakages at both side of the cooler.

I and our engineer Mr.Chen double checked the cooler and found that the unit was cut and additional welded by SAIC. And we believe that the leakages are caused by SAIC’s welding. When we made the unit, we welded the unit, and there are welding joints inside. The welding joints are designed to keep coolant and air separated. Therefore, it is required to take care of welding joints very carefully. However, when SAIC’s engineers welded the cooler, they damaged the welding joints, and lead to leakages.

To prove our suppose, we found another sample, and we did leakage on the new sample, which did not have any additional welding, and there are no leakages.

We compared two coolers, and we think that our guess on the failed cooler is right. Every egr cooler from us is harshly tested before delivery. So we believe that our egr coolers are good in quality. In order to support our customer, we are going to send SAIC another smaple, so that they can finish their testing, and we hope that our cooler could meet their requirements.

To have a better idea on our products, please feel free to contact us at [email protected], we are always ready to serve to the best of our ability.

We are switching to new factory for better future

We are switching our factory from the old one to a new plant. The new factory will be able to double our production capability, and help us to keep the leading position on the market. We hope that we will be able to finish the switching before the Chinese new year. And more workers will be hired and trained after Chinese new year. So that production of next year will go as planned smoothly.

We believe that with the new plant we will be able to have a better production and development ability, we can offer a better support to our customers, and we will have a better business in 2017 and future. Customers from abroad and China are warmly welcomed for a better and brightly cooperation.